ClockWallpaper gives you time and alarm for about anything

"ClockWallpaper software program is a desktop wallpaper with a clock where you can see current time and set the alarm for just about anything.

In its main features, you can set the type of hours and numbers, write an alarm message, and specify hours, days, and frequency, among others.

ClockWallpaper doesn’t affect the computer’s processor or delay other programs and is supported by the majority of videocards. This tool runs with most of the Windows operating systems and requires: Intel Pentium/Celeron Processor or 100% compatible, Video Card DirectDraw compatible, 16, 24 or 32 bit color, and Sound card.

The wallpaper opens with a default skin, but you can download other skins after registration. If you need help to better manage your time, improving your memory, and also display a wallpaper with a skin of your choice, then ClockWallpaper is the right tool.